About our Lithophanes:

Our personalized lithophane nightlights are made locally, using a custom built, computer controlled machine and local materials. This machine allows us to produce personalized lithophanes at an affordable price.

Just about any photo can be made into a lithophane, even paper photos!    We have the ability to convert paper photos into digital images.   

These nightlights make very unique gifts…..especial for that hard-to-buy for person on your shopping list.

Custom Lithophanes
What is a lithophane?

European lithophanes were first produced nearly at the same time in France, Germany, Prussia, and England around the later part of the 1820s. Early lithophanes were made by specialized European craftspeople beginning as an image carved in warm wax on a glass plate. These beautiful carvings, in ambient light, seem only to be bumpy surfaces forming a vague picture.  But, when the ambient light is extinguished and the lithophane is back-lit, a beautiful, three-dimensional picture appears in incredible depth and detail.

Send us your digital photo and we will create one of these wonderful nightlights just for you.

Cylindrical lithophanes include:
  • Lithophane image
  • Beautiful hardwood base
  • UL listed lampcord w/switch
  • 7 watt bulb
Wallplug Nightlights include:
  • Lithophane image
  • UL listed lamp
  • 4 watt Bulb
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